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FRANKLIN B PAVERTY (ACT) 5 or more piece band
Authentic Australian bush music, square dancing, folk dances, and thoroughly entertaining

Franklyn B Paverty is one of the nation's best bush bands. Paverty entertains audiences with a carefully crafted mixture of songs and dances.
• traditional Australian bush music varied with folk, country and occasional swing, blues, jug band or old rock 'n' roll music
• bush songs and bush dances adapted to individual audiences.
• a spectacular combination of talent, skill, enthusiasm and experience
• over 30 years performing, mostly in and around Canberra.
Paverty has shared the stage with Billy Connolly, The Dubliners, Gerry and the Pacemakers, Slim Dusty, Eric Bogle and many others, and performed at the National Folk Festival, the official opening of the new Parliament House and the celebrations marking its 10th anniversary in 1998. Since 2002 Paverty has performed at The Lodge each year for the Prime Minister's Australia Day celebrations and, in late 2003, presented Australian music to guests at a lunch for visiting US President George W. Bush. In between public performances Franklyn B Paverty entertains guests at conferences, weddings, Christmas and birthday parties, and folk and other clubs in Canberra and elsewhere. Great for Australian oriented ceremonies, entertaining overseas visitors and children. Paverty recently did a triathlon for us.

EROLL GRAY (NSW) Backyard Balladeer
music with comedy and lots of country charm!

In the true blue tradition of John Williamson and Kevin Bloody Wilson (but not quite as rude) - People magazine

From his home base in Sawtell on the north coast of NSW, singer/songwriter/entertainer and teller of tall stories, ERROL GRAY travels the country with his one man show THE BACKYARD BALLADEER. With his acoustic guitar, stompbox,harmonica and a dry Aussie sense of humour, ERROL regales his audiences with songs and verse of everyday life experiences that can only be gained by fifty years of living in this great country. Mundane domestic situations such as mowing the lawn, feeding the chooks, getting old, losing your hair and trying to lose weight are given the ERROL GRAY treatment with giggles guaranteed. ERROL has a collection of great country songs from Paul Kelly to John Williamson favourties that are spiced by his funny songs about everyday things! Ideal to clubs, pubs, appeals to blokey sense of humour and anyone that can laugh at themselves. Great Australania!

SANTA (ACT) Christmas time and Christmas in July

Ho Ho Ho! Santa will come down from the north pole for your special occasion, be it Corporate or private Christmas parties, community or shopping centre appearances. He brings his reindeer dust to sprinkle on kiddie's hands to see if they have been naughty or nice.. always with a bit of wisdom and plenty of cheer. We can also put on a Santa show for his arrival or special occasions with Carol group: Starstruck 4 to 8piece or bigger. Santa can also make a grand entrance with a brass band of Christmas Carols, Vintage fire engine, red corvette, motor cycle and even on husky led sleigh! Talk to us about the ideas for your next event!



(ACT) roving, adult & childrens entertainment
A classic, red nosed white faced clown, who performs circus and magic. He is a fantastic roving act and also performs in a variety of shows. Milo the Clown is one of Canberra's most established and sought after entertainers.

These chefs mix the ingredients of circus and comedy to create a bubbling to the brim, simmering street show.  Meet the men who love to play with their food and whose favourite flavour is charcoal and whose oven timer is their smoke alarm. Sizzling Entertainment!

This remarkable roving Christmas act is a spectacle that must be seen to be believed. The Christmas tree is stationary, like any other, until it begins to shake, play Christmas carols and dance about with abandon.  Works well with the present and the fairy.

The ideal Christmas roving fool. Ernest entertains with visual present gags, masterful mallet manipulations and engaging interactions. Also performs a solo stage show called Stage Presents and a duo stage show with Mrs Claus called Santa's Gift. He also does roving with Mrs Claus

This high flyer is no ugly duckling. Don’t ruffle his feathers or you’ll end at the bottom of the pecking order. The feathery can be performed solo or you can hit three birds with one stone and book the featheries. Egg-cellent entertainment

This spectacular duo roving act mixes the grace of a stilt walking butterfly with the comic antics of  Solaris the Sunflower. Solaris wants to be pollinated but the butterfly won't have a bar of it.

An awesome outdoor flame spectacular, featuring fast paced techno music, high speed fire twirling, sword spinning, fight sequences, fire juggling, fire eating and breathing and a giant stilt walking demon with a five metre fire staff. This act is hot stuff.

These quirky fifties TV interviewers are perfect on the red carpet, interviewing your arriving guests and commenting on their dress. Great outside the entrance of any large function and works well with a real camera operator for live feeds. Can be booked with The Paparazzi.

This trio of roving reporters of the gutter press will try anything to get a controversial photo of any member of the public they mistake for a star. With their massive seventies flared pants, flashing cameras and desire for the best cover shot you better watch out for the Paparazzi.

Long time dance partners, Long Tall Sally and Big Bad Ted, are fifties Rock 'n' Roll enthusiasts who dance moves on articulated stilts to rockabilly music pumping out of a giant portable jukebox.

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