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Checkout Fuelers myspace
for audio, utube and pics

THE FUELERS (ACT) 3 to 4 piece
Rockabilly to country blues to bizzare and funny!

The Fuelers have an extremely broad appeal. Their tunes are varied and range from waltzes to lickety-split tom-foolery. Drawing from bluegrass & oldtime, swing, rockabilly, country, and, yes, a little pop, they’ve rendered a style that crosses borders. They have a rural and regional following as well as looking after the city-dwellers. They are a big favourite of mums, dads, kids and grandparents, yet remain crowd pleasers for the rock’n’rollers. The Fuelers influences are broad yet thematic. A Scottish fiddle fan might be reminded of a tune the band has quoted. Another fan will mention Hank Williams and another, Dan Hicks or the Grateful Dead. The Fuelers go all out to entertain without resorting to playing covers. To do this they’ve constructed quite a stage show. A rich visual and theatrical experience, the stage is festooned with hand-made painted props. Perhaps tonight they’ll involve the audience in a chook raffle, or have them play “The Wheel of Fate”. Some games, such as “The Beer Cactus” and “Deluxe Gringo” have become old favourites. Others such as the “Knock the Tinnies off the Sandman”, or the “Dynamite box” remain rarely seen special treats. Their bizarre take on gameshow themes seems to tap into some collective consciousness, pulling it from the T.V. set and into a vaudevillian world of their own creation. The players become characters on-stage and, combined with their music and props, they’ll transport you to a timeless carnivalesque tent-show, the land they call “Fueler County”. Ideal for festivals, concerts, pubs and clubs.. Selected corporate themed nights! Great Entertainment!

Checkout Paul's myspace
for audio, utube and pics


PAUL ROBERT BURTON (NSW) solo bassist/guitarist/vocals/harp or duo (with guitarist/voalist GLEN TERRY or Mike Gubb keyboards) Paul Robert Burton: Vocals, Upright Bass, Guitar, Ukeleles, Mandolin, Cajon(Perc) & Harmonica Eclectic mix of blues, jazz, contemporary

ONE MANY, TOO MANY INSTRUMENTS:Paul is probably best known for his eclectic Jazz/Blues/Swing/Celtic band “The Shuffle Kings”. He Formed in May 1996, with a history of over 10 years and 2500 shows “The Shuffle” has grown into a veritable force of quality musicians. Today his versatilty as a muso and all round entertainer sees him team up with some brilliant showmen. Always a hit whenever they play. Paul hasrecorded four albums, one live DVD and have performed over 3000 shows throughout Australia & Europe. Paul is also a member of the Shuffle Kings,“Jim Conway’s Big Wheel Their current CD “Little Story”, was nominated for an ARIA (Best Blues Album 2004). recording and playing on a new album for Steve Prestwich (drummer and songwriter for Cold Chisel), as well as recording and performing shows with founding members of The Angels, John & Rick Brewster, The Brewster Brothers. Ideal for festivals, pubs and clubs, concerts and corporate events.


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